ETRUX MD Calls for Greater Collaboration in Journey to Net Zero

ETRUX MD Calls for Greater Collaboration in Journey to Net Zero

Gerard Galvin Issues Comments After Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show


IN the wake of the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show, which took place at the NEC, Birmingham last month, Gerard Galvin, Managing Director of ETRUX, is calling for greater collaboration between industry and government in the journey to net zero.


ETRUX is one of the industry’s leading conversion specialists for diesel and electric vehicles and Gerard claims that the cost of transitioning to net zero, alongside concerns over EV infrastructure and the lack of government support, are amongst the key issues currently facing companies within the transport sector.


Gerard writes…. Attending events like the CV Show are vital for us as a company as it enables us to fully understand the challenges faced by organisations and businesses on a daily basis, so that we can tailor our offering to better suit their requirements.


We had a large number of companies visiting our stand at the CV Show this year and through various discussions, it became apparent that as an industry, we are standing at a crossroads. Many fleet operators and transport managers are keen to move towards an electric vehicle fleet but in order to achieve this, there is a greater need for industry innovation, collaboration and government support in terms of funding and investment in the necessary infrastructure.  


As an industry, we are under no illusion that the net zero target is looming and is no longer a distant goal but an immediate necessity and yet from our conversations it is clear that fleet managers, OEMs and leasing companies, are all still grappling with the sheer cost of investing in the transition from diesel to electric fleets.


Furthermore, fleet operators and transport managers are reporting an element of confusion around Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak’s decision to push the timeline back to 2035, with many companies being informed by OEMs that 80% of cars and 70% of vans sold in the UK by 2030 must be zero emission vehicles.


Despite the costs of overheads and the confusion surrounding the deadline, organisations are becoming better informed about their needs and the energy requirements necessary for the transition, which is prompting many to re-evaluate their business models, operational practices, investment and ESG strategies – which is essential if companies are to make the move successfully.


All this, coupled with apprehension from leasing and financial institutions about funding electric vehicles, highlights the need for greater collaborative solutions across the industry, especially from government representatives. Achieving and exceeding the robust zero emissions target requires a concerted effort from both industry and government at local and national levels across the country.


ETRUX has positioned itself at the centre of the journey to net zero. At the NEC, we spoke with representatives from OEMs and leasing companies that are seeking conversion partners which underlines the lack of vehicle conversion capacity that is still present throughout the UK and Ireland. At ETRUX, we work across a myriad of sectors including construction, utilities, film and television, medical and perishable goods delivery services, and our Ford E-Transit Welfare and Ford E-Transit Trizone vehicles offer tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs.


Navigating the journey to net zero certainly will not be an easy road. There is going to be challenges along the way, but it will be an opportune time for the sector if industry and government can work together fully.


The journey to net zero can only be hailed a success if fleet operators and transport managers receive full support – not just from companies like ETRUX – but from all levels of industry and government in terms of funding and investment in infrastructure. This partnership is essential to secure a more sustainable future for our industry and for our planet.


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