ETRUX MD Calls for Greater Collaboration in Journey to Net Zero

ETRUX MD Calls for Greater Collaboration in Journey to Net Zero

Gerard Galvin Issues Comments After Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show


IN the wake of the Commercial Vehicle (CV) Show, which took place at the NEC, Birmingham last month, Gerard Galvin, Managing Director of ETRUX, is calling for greater collaboration between industry and government in the journey to net zero.


ETRUX is one of the industry’s leading conversion specialists for diesel and electric vehicles and Gerard claims that the cost of transitioning to net zero, alongside concerns over EV infrastructure and the lack of government support, are amongst the key issues currently facing companies within the transport sector.


Gerard writes…. Attending events like the CV Show are vital for us as a company as it enables us to fully understand the challenges faced by organisations and businesses on a daily basis, so that we can tailor our offering to better suit their requirements.


We had a large number of companies visiting our stand at the CV Show this year and through various discussions, it became apparent that as an industry, we are standing at a crossroads. Many fleet operators and transport managers are keen to move towards an electric vehicle fleet but in order to achieve this, there is a greater need for industry innovation, collaboration and government support in terms of funding and investment in the necessary infrastructure.  


As an industry, we are under no illusion that the net zero target is looming and is no longer a distant goal but an immediate necessity and yet from our conversations it is clear that fleet managers, OEMs and leasing companies, are all still grappling with the sheer cost of investing in the transition from diesel to electric fleets.


Furthermore, fleet operators and transport managers are reporting an element of confusion around Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak’s decision to push the timeline back to 2035, with many companies being informed by OEMs that 80% of cars and 70% of vans sold in the UK by 2030 must be zero emission vehicles.


Despite the costs of overheads and the confusion surrounding the deadline, organisations are becoming better informed about their needs and the energy requirements necessary for the transition, which is prompting many to re-evaluate their business models, operational practices, investment and ESG strategies – which is essential if companies are to make the move successfully.


All this, coupled with apprehension from leasing and financial institutions about funding electric vehicles, highlights the need for greater collaborative solutions across the industry, especially from government representatives. Achieving and exceeding the robust zero emissions target requires a concerted effort from both industry and government at local and national levels across the country.


ETRUX has positioned itself at the centre of the journey to net zero. At the NEC, we spoke with representatives from OEMs and leasing companies that are seeking conversion partners which underlines the lack of vehicle conversion capacity that is still present throughout the UK and Ireland. At ETRUX, we work across a myriad of sectors including construction, utilities, film and television, medical and perishable goods delivery services, and our Ford E-Transit Welfare and Ford E-Transit Trizone vehicles offer tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs.


Navigating the journey to net zero certainly will not be an easy road. There is going to be challenges along the way, but it will be an opportune time for the sector if industry and government can work together fully.


The journey to net zero can only be hailed a success if fleet operators and transport managers receive full support – not just from companies like ETRUX – but from all levels of industry and government in terms of funding and investment in infrastructure. This partnership is essential to secure a more sustainable future for our industry and for our planet.


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ETRUX Vehicle Conversion Engineer’s Perspective on Commercial Fleets Moving to Electric or Alternative Fuels

Gareth Pinkerton’s Perspective on Commercial Fleets Moving to Electric or Alternative Fuel

Following a busy CV Show 2024 for ETRUX at the NEC, it was increasingly clear that as we continue to navigate the challenges of climate change and seek sustainable solutions, the transportation industry stands at a pivotal moment. Commercial vehicle fleets are a significant contributor to reducing carbon emissions. However, there’s a promising shift happening – the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) in commercial fleets. As part of the Engineering team here at ETRUX, I’ve witnessed firsthand the potential of this transition and the exciting developments that lie ahead.

Electric vehicles have been gaining traction in recent years across all markets, and for good reason. They offer numerous benefits over traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, especially when it comes to commercial vehicle conversions in the UK. Obviously, the environmental impact reduction is significant, and businesses will benefit from gaining access to larger contracts if they endeavor to move to a low-carbon fleet. Add to this the cost savings across the lifetime of the vehicle due to lower maintenance and minimised operational overheads, plus the regulatory incentives that are available, it becomes a seriously viable alternative to continuing with a diesel fleet.

Despite the clear benefits, transitioning an entire commercial fleet to electric vehicles is not without its challenges, and there still is some resistance. Everyone has concerns about range anxiety, which is a major barrier to the adoption of electric vehicles, particularly for long-haul trucks. However, advancements in battery technology are extending the range of EVs, while rapid charging infrastructure is becoming more widespread. Building a robust charging network is essential for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. ETRUX is working with public and private companies to install charging stations in key locations, ensuring that commercial fleets have access to reliable charging infrastructure.

I’m excited about the future of electric vehicles in commercial fleets. The technology is advancing rapidly, and the possibilities are endless. A few trends I anticipate in the coming years include the increase in specialised vehicles, which are highly adaptable, making them ideal for a wide range of commercial applications. From delivery vans to bin lorries, our vehicle conversion engineering team will continue to develop specialised electric vehicles tailored to specific industries.

The development of next-generation batteries will further improve the performance and range of electric vehicles, and we are actively working at integrating these advanced battery technologies into commercial fleets, unlocking even greater potential for electrification. We are also in a great position in having our own composite component and panel manufacturing capabilities in Jans Composites, which ensures that lightweight and complex requirements can be easily handled on-site. We are developing some exciting materials too that will ensure that every vehicle maximises its green credentials.

In conclusion, the electrification of commercial fleets represents a significant opportunity to reduce emissions, cut costs, and drive innovation in the transportation industry. As a vehicle conversion engineer with ETRUX, I’m proud to be at the forefront of this transformation, helping to build a cleaner and more sustainable future, one electric vehicle at a time.


ETRUX Launches Fully Electric Ford E-Transit Trizone Vehicle at CV Show

Vehicle is Company’s Latest Addition to Converted Electric Van Range

ETRUX, a company that specialises in the design and conversion of lightweight commercial vehicles, has launched its new fully electric Ford E-Transit Trizone van, which is ideal for supermarkets and other perishable goods delivery services.

Operating under the JANS Group, with a manufacturing facility in Antrim and a base in Birmingham, ETRUX also assists fleet managers in the journey from diesel to electric vehicles via its EVolve programme and the Ford E-Transit Trizone van is the latest addition to the company’s converted electric van range.

Officially launched today (Tuesday 23rd April) during the Commercial Vehicle (CV) show, which is currently taking place in the NEC, Birmingham, the Ford E-Transit Trizone combines durability, strength and lightweight panels with high insulating qualities.

Built and designed by the ETRUX team, the vehicle is fully tested and comes fitted with a GAH refrigeration system, temperature controls, chilling capabilities down to zero degrees, efficient defrost and internal drainage to accommodate water runoff and spillages.

Speaking about the vehicle, Gerard Galvin, ETRUX Managing Director said: “We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Ford E-Transit Trizone van.

 “We are confident that this new vehicle will offer companies a reliable solution to meet their needs and requirements as well as presenting them with practical ways to reduce their carbon footprint.”

 ETRUX was recently awarded the prestigious Ford Pro Convertor Status and is one of only two companies on the island of Ireland to boast the accolade.

The company currently offers a range of electric vehicles including the Ford E-Transit Welfare van, which comes equipped with an updated interior, alongside the Isuzu 7.5t Magtec Luton van and Gerard claims that the addition of the Trizone will enable the company to continue providing solutions for a huge range of sectors.

“At ETRUX, we pride ourselves on providing high quality vehicle solutions for a huge range of sectors including construction, utility, film and television, haulage and medical and with the addition of the Trizone, we can now cater to the supermarket and perishable goods delivery industries,” he added.

 “Having a number of fully electric vehicles available also means that we can assist fleet and transport managers with achieving the Net Zero target and will play a key role in the UK government’s Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate.

 “Through our EVolve consultancy, we work closely with our customers to guide them through the entire process of switching from diesel to electric vehicles, from conducting the initial feasibility study right through to managing vehicle disposal at the end-of-life stage.

 “We are all acutely aware of the lower running costs, reduced noise pollution, enhanced driving experience and the positive impact on the environment that moving to electric vehicles will offer and we’re providing the very best quality vehicles to help companies achieve this.” 

ETRUX Awarded Prestigious Ford Pro Convertor Status Ahead of Commercial Vehicle Show

ETRUX Awarded Prestigious Ford Pro Convertor Status Ahead of Commercial Vehicle Show

Antrim Company Set to Launch New Ford E-Transit Welfare During Event

AHEAD of the Commercial Vehicle (CV) show, taking place at the NEC, Birmingham from 23rd – 25th April, Antrim and Birmingham based company, ETRUX, which operates under JANS Group, has been awarded the prestigious Ford Pro Convertor status.

Specialising in the design and conversion of lightweight commercial vehicles as well as assisting fleet managers in the journey from diesel to electric fleet via its EVolve programme, ETRUX is only one of two companies on the island of Ireland to hold this esteemed accolade, providing assurance for customers in both the UK and Irish markets that its vehicles are converted to the highest standards.

Further cementing ETRUX as one of the leading manufacturers in the vehicle conversion market, the company achieved a rate of 95.6%, far exceeding the pass mark of 85%, which saw the team being rigorously assessed on their processes, stock control and design.

“I am delighted that ETRUX has been awarded the Ford Pro Convertor status. Our team works extremely hard to deliver the very best quality vehicle solutions for our customers – and that has now been proven,” commented Gerard Galvin, ETRUX Managing Director.

 “We are committed to providing excellence and continual improvement is something we pride ourselves on at ETRUX. Completing programmes like the Ford Pro Convertor status is extremely valuable and beneficial as it ensures that we can continue to provide this for our customers going forward.”

 Commending ETRUX on its recent status, Paul O’Sullivan at Ford added: “I would like to extend my congratulations to Gerard, Gareth and the entire team at ETRUX on what is an excellent achievement, and certainly no mean feat.

 “At Ford, we have built our reputation on delivering vehicles of the highest quality standards and in order to continue doing this in the years to come, we continue to collaborate with the very best industry partners. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards across all our vehicles, with safety and comfort at the forefront.”  

 Meanwhile, ETRUX will be launching its new Ford E-Transit Welfare vehicle during the Commercial Vehicle Show, which is the company’s latest addition to its converted electric van range, ideal for construction, engineering, utility, film and mobile medical organisations.

Alongside the company’s EVolve programme, Gerard claims that the launch of these solely electric vehicles will play an essential role in the UK government’s Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate and will go a long way towards assisting companies to achieve the Net Zero target.

“There are a host of benefits to switching to electric vehicles and through EVolve, we want to demonstrate to fleet owners and transport managers across various sectors, that the transition can be achieved with minimal stress and disruption to daily operations,” Gerard explained.

“Our expert team will work alongside our customers to guide them through the entire process from conducting the initial feasibility study to the supply of the right product and finally, managing vehicle disposal at the end-of-life stage.

 “We are all acutely aware of the lower running costs, reduced noise pollution, enhanced driving experience and the positive impact on the environment that moving to electric vehicles will offer. We are confident that our new Ford E-Transit vehicle range will offer companies a reliable solution to meet their needs and requirements.

 “We’re very excited to showcase the 3.5T Ford E-Transit Welfare vehicle during the upcoming Commercial Vehicle Show alongside our charging infrastructure and GRP partners.”

 Additionally, a new temperature-controlled E-Transit Trizone vehicle is also currently under development with the ETRUX team, which will service supermarkets and other perishable goods delivery services.

The ETRUX team is exhibiting at stand 5D88 with members of its EVolve Consultancy team, conversion specialists, GRP sister company, JANS Composites and charging infrastructure partner, Weev.

📣 We’re Exhibiting at The Most Highly Anticipated Event in The Transport Calendar!

📍Due to the success of last year’s Commercial Vehicle Show we’re back again, in the same location, stand 5D88 from the 23-25 April 2024!

Taking place at the NEC Birmingham, we will be showcasing a number of lightweight commercial electric vehicles ideal for fleet managers operating in sectors such as:

✅ Retail and Grocery
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ETRUX Places Multi-Million Pound Order With Magtec For Fleet of 7.5 Tonne Electric Trucks

ETRUX, the advanced manufacturer and commercial vehicle specialist, has placed a multi-million pound order with Magtec for a fleet of MEV75s, the new 7.5 tonne electric truck approved for use in the UK.

The MEV75 is designed for daily urban operations including last-mile logistics, waste collection and refrigerated deliveries and is ideal for low emission zones. The standard 80kWh version has a range of up to 100km, a charge time of up to four hours and a life cycle of up to 10 years.

The deal with electric vehicle drive manufacturer Magtec represents the largest single order to date for the vehicle. Full ratification for use in the UK means it is eligible for a government plug-in grant, offering fleet managers a discounted purchase price and reduced monthly finance option.

ETRUX is a leading vehicle conversion specialist and rental fleet operator which helps public and private sector organisations to reduce carbon emissions in their fleet operations. It will make the MEV75 available to customers through its extensive and growing sales network.

The MEV75 utilises an Isuzu glider chassis and is equipped with a full electric drive system designed and manufactured by Magtec in the UK. ETRUX has developed a range of Luton, refrigerated, curtainsider and drop side options for the vehicle.

This ongoing commitment to the development of quality products that help reduce emissions is something that Gerard Galvin, managing director of ETRUX is passionate about, he said: “We are hugely excited to be offering the MEV75 to fleet operators, which will help them to meet net zero targets. This groundbreaking agreement with Magtec signifies our commitment to the advancement of the market for electric commercial vehicles.”

Magtec secured GB Small Series Approval for the MEV75 earlier this year in a significant milestone for the company. The scheme is applicable for manufacturers wishing to place vehicles and components on the market in Great Britain.

Andrew Gilligan, managing director of Magtec, said: “We are thrilled to be working with ETRUX and helping to meet increasing demand for zero emissions transport. We are very proud of the MEV75, which is the ideal solution for clean urban logistics operations.”

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