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Our Evolution to zero-emission fleets

With the government ban on the selling of commercial diesel vehicles set to come into force after 2035, we are going to witness a huge shift away from fossil fuel combustion to low carbon alternatives. The commercial electric vehicle market is expected to accelerate even further and ETRUX will play a key part in this transition. Download our latest brochure (PDF)


EVolve by ETRUX is a ground breaking model which offers a 360° solution for public authorities, vehicle operators and fleet managers to transition their commercial fleets from diesel to electric vehicles. At ETRUX we understand the challenges and uncertainties faced by transport managers and the EVolve model offers small to large commercial vehicle operators a roadmap to simplify the transition from diesel to zero carbon fleets.

EVolve offers a ‘One Supplier, One Solution’ that makes the transition to a carbon-free fleet easier and more economical.

We work in collaboration with organisations that are market leaders in the areas of route optimisation, electric charging infrastructure, smart charging, and the supply of zero emission chassis and vehicles.

The four phases of the Evolve model include:


Phase 1: Fleet feasibility study to provide a road map

Within the initial feasibility study and cost analysis on existing ICE Fleet, we will carry out an in-depth evaluation of an organisations present fleet and the whole life cost of operation. We will assess operational needs, vehicle suitability, ranges and drive cycles, annual mileage, cost of diesel and servicing.

Once the assessment is complete, we will provide your organisation with a detailed business plan which will outline our recommendations for the transfer of fleet to electrification. Consideration will be given to electric vehicle availability, cost and power infrastructure.


Phase 2: Sourcing the right vehicles and charging solutions

Using the recommendations from the feasibility study, fleet managers and vehicle operators will be able to make informed decisions. Focusing on the road to zero, our specialist team can look at the elements of your business fleet that can be transitioned immediately. Realistically, there may not be an electric vehicle on the market to replace every vehicle in your fleet, our emphasis will be on getting the right vehicle for the right activity.

We will be able to source low carbon alternatives until a better solution comes available. With operational considerations at the forefront, our aim is to source the right vehicles for your organisation, ensuring that your business can transition sustainably and efficiently, with practical advice about purchasing versus leasing.


Phase 3: Maintenance and keeping your vehicles on the road

Electric vehicles not only offer lower running costs, reduced noise pollution, a better driving experience and zero congestion charges, but maintaining an electric vehicle fleet can also be a hassle-free experience with EVolve.

Depending on whether you lease, hire or purchase, we offer a wrap around service and maintenance package to cover all your fleet needs. We also remotely monitor and manage the battery and auxiliary systems using state of the art telematics which can be offered to transport managers as an optional bolt on package.


Phase 4: Managing fleet end of life and disposal

At the end of your agreed rental, lease or contract hire term, EVolve with ETRUX can manage either the disposal of the vehicle or explore second life options. Whether you wish to upgrade the vehicle for a new one or to look at replacing the battery drive train system on the existing chassis and continue to lease the vehicle for a secondary rental period, EVolve will work closely with customers to come up with the right solution to meet your organisations financial requirements.

The transition to electric commercial vehicles is not problem free, however with the right advice it’s an exciting time for fleet managers.


What does it mean to me?

With the current and upcoming UK legislation many cities across the UK will, if they have not already, introduce CEZ (Clean Air Zones), LEZ (Low Emission Zones) and ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zones), with London leading the way and expanding their current zone to include all 33 boroughs of the Greater London area in August 2023. Other cities embracing ULEZ include Birmingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Glasgow to name a few. With many more due to follow suit.
Drivers operating in these areas will require compliant vehicles to avoid additional charges. The vehicles this applies to, and the charges implied currently vary from city to city. Typically, petrol and diesel vehicles meeting Euro 4 and Euro 6 respectively are permitted in these zones without charge.

UK Cities Currently Operating and Introducing Clean Air/Low Emission Zones:



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