EVolve is a commercial vehicle procurement model which offers a 360° solution for operators and transport managers to transition their fleets from diesel and petrol to electric.

The British government has announced its intention to phase out the sale of petrol and diesel commercial vehicles starting from 2035. Under the new plans, vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 26 tonnes will be banned from 2035 while vehicles weighing more than 26 tonnes will get an extra five.

Combined with increasing fuel and servicing costs as well as promoting the drive towards a healthier and cleaner environment, now is the perfect time to start looking at the transition to carbon zero commercial transport.

At EVolve, our aim is to be a ‘one stop shop’ for transport managers not only to build and manage their current fleets but to simplify the transition to electric.

Our highly skilled team can manage the entire project. From the feasibility study which determines what vehicles can be transitioned to alternative fuel and how much it will cost; to supplying the right vehicles and charging infrastructure to do the job; to maintaining and keeping your fleet on the road and finally; to defleeting or repowering the fleet at end of life.

Phase 1: Providing you with a road map

We will carry out an evaluation of your present fleet, assessing operational needs, routes, vehicle suitability, drive cycles, annual mileage, cost of diesel and servicing and whole life costs. We will also assess your depots and estate for charging infrastructure and determine the most cost-effective charging solution for your business. Once the assessment is complete, we will provide your organisation with a detailed business plan which will outline our recommendations for the transfer from diesel to electrification.

Phase 2: Sourcing the right products

Using the recommendations from the initial assessment, our specialist team can look at the elements of your business fleet that can be transitioned immediately, with our emphasis being on getting the right vehicle for the right activity as well as identifying an adequate and affordable charging infrastructure.

Phase 3: Maintenance and keeping your vehicles on the road

Depending on whether you lease, hire or purchase, we can offer a maintenance package to cover all your fleet needs while at the same time remotely monitoring the battery and auxiliary systems using state of the art telematics.

Phase 4: Vehicle end of life and disposal

At the end of your agreed rental, lease or contract hire term, EVolve can manage either the disposal of the vehicle or explore second life options. EVolve will work closely with you to come up with the right solution to suit your organisation’s financial requirements.

With ever improving technology and understanding, the uncertainties surrounding battery life and travelling range are becoming increasingly dismissed and by choosing EVolve, your organisation is making not only an infrastructural investment but a sustainability statement.

EVolve with ETRUX and together we drive towards a better future!

For more information, contact our experienced team by emailing: info@etrux.co.uk.