A French student from Franche Comté has just completed a semester-long work placement with ETRUX as part of the Erasmus programme.

Studying ergonomics, industrial design and mechanical engineering at the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard, Dimitri Porquet has been an integral part of ETRUX’s engineering team, designing internal components for use by the company’s vehicle conversion division as well as creating user manuals, detailed build instructions and technical drawings.

The work placement forms part of a five-year degree course in engineering which he will complete in 2023.

Dimitri says: “Working at ETRUX I have been able to gain valuable experience and build my confidence within the workplace. I’ve also had the chance to earn real life experience and have worked on some exciting and prestigious projects over the past six months. Working hand in hand with Etrux’ s team I have advanced my technical ability and skills. Of course, the Erasmus programme has not only been about work. I have met many new people and forged lifelong friendships during my time here too.”

Gerard Galvin, Managing Director of Etrux said: “This is our first year of taking part in the exchange programme and due to the positive experience we have had with Dimitri in our team, we have already confirmed another student placement for September. Having participated in Erasmus in the mid ’90s, I have first-hand experience on the benefits that the programme can bring to both students and companies. Dimitri very quickly fitted in with the rest of the Etrux team making a valuable contribution to the business. We shall be sorry to lose him but wish him good luck as he transitions to the next stage of his learning and career.”

Dimitri was joined by another Erasmus student Alba Sanchez who worked for another division of the Jans Group.